Are You an American Citizen of Brazilian Descent?

Are You Registered to Vote?

Have a Voice! Get Registered.


Every citizen should have a voice through their vote. 

There are debates going on all across the country which affect our daily lives. Decisions on education, the economy, health care and immigration policy.

These issues always get decided by those who show up and express their point of view.

Historically, recent immigrant communities don't exercise their political voice until much later in the second and third generations. We want to help change that.

It is important that local officials hear from the Brazilian-American community and understand that we also vote. With nearly 100% voter registration, we can have a powerful voice.

If you are already registered, we’d still love to know who you are so you can get involved. We are organizing voters on a town by town basis in order to address important issues effectively as a community.

Our goal is to register 5,000 citizens of Brazilian descent or newly naturalized Brazilian-Americans and then take these members to the polls on election day. We don't advocate for a specific party or platform. Instead, we urge members of our community to get involved and learn about the issues affecting their lives.

If you are a permanent resident and is ready to apply for citizenship, this is also a great time to join us. We are promoting workshops where you will be able to learn how to file your citizenship application.

It is important for leaders to know that our community has strength in numbers, that we care about local issues, and we have diverse needs and opinions.

How many voters are in your community? Please share  this page with them and help them get registered too!

For more information, please contact us at nosvotamos@verizon.net or (508) 534-VOTE (8683).

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